Who are we?

We are a Christian, national, daily morning paper, called the Nederlands Dagblad. Daily circulation is about 25.000 copies. This makes us the smallest of seven national newspapers in Holland, but at the same time we are well known for being accurate and fresh, also in the eyes of many evangelical and roman catholic Dutchmen, and even non-Christians.

What is the mission of this paper?

The Nederlands Dagblad reports on daily reality in news articles, background articles, commentaries and editorials. The factual reporting is impartial and accurate. The eventual purpose is – by choosing themes, topics and subjects, and commenting on them – to show that behind the reality of daily life there is a bigger reality, God’s Reality.

This Reality can be discovered in the light of the Bible and the Reformed confession. The Nederlands Dagblad tries to do this out of a deeply felt conviction that God in His love doesn’t abandon the world – created by Him, but defiled by sin –, but constantly is renewing and redeeming this earth and its inhabitants, in His Son Jesus Christ and through the strength of His Holy Spirit. Eventually He will create a new Jerusalem on this planet, when Jesus Christ returns. We believe that our reality, what we see and know, depends in all things on God, that Jesus is the Lord, and that mankind and the world can only be rightfully depicted in the light of God’s Word. The Nederlands Dagblad sees itself as an heir to the Reformation of the 16th century, which is considered to be a milestone in modern history, both secular and spiritual.