Would you like to come to church on Sunday?

We've gotten used to it by now, but the first few times we wondered what was going on. Here in Grand Rapids it seems like whenever you meet someone they start talking about their church. The neighbor who comes over to introduce herself, the cashier at the mega-store, the students at Calvin Seminary-they all ask where you go to church.

No, not whether you go to church, but where. They automatically assume that you're Christian. That's not so strange in this country where almost 85% of the population are active Christians. So it's more important to know where you go to church than to know where you work. People's question about your church is invariably followed by an invitation to go with them to their church on Sunday. Everyone here is proud of his or her church. People love their congregation, and usually they hold their pastor in high esteem. We've been attending First Christian Reformed Church which is also one of …
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